Sina Tours have been established since 1994, & we have stood the test of time !!! We are a local company, providing domestic & international travel services. Our head office is based in Cairo & we also have an office in the United States ( California ).


We are recognized as one of Egypt's leading travel agencies for the independent traveler. We also offer group tours at competitve prices. We are listed & recommended in many famous travel guides, including the English Lonely Planet Rough Guide, Raise Know ( German ) and Mediterranean Travel (Chinese ).


Why Choose Sina Tours ?

By choosing to travel with Sina Tours, you get a lot more than just a tour, because to us, you are a lot more than just a tourist. We offer you all the following services to guarantee your stay in our country meets your highest expectations during your time with us.


Airport "Meet & Greet"

One of our representatives will meet and assist you upon your arrival - any time of the day or night!

We will meet you at the airport before you get to passport control, in order to ensure a smooth path through immigration and customs.

We will then transfer you to your hotel for check in.


Departure Transfer

Whether you leave immediately following the end of your tour - or even days or weeks later - we will provide you with the transfer to the airport for your departure flight.


A Taste of Culture

When you tour with Sina Tours, you won't just visit and explore all of Egypt's sites and attractions. We will make sure that you experience and interact with the real culture…the mingling of an ancient world and a modern land!!


Mix It Up!

We guarantee full flexibility with all of our programs - even once they start! We will do whatever we can to assure you that your program meets your interests, your budget, and your time.


Less Hassle…More Relaxation

During your stay in Egypt our friendly and attentive staff will remain in contact with you and will always be available to you, in order to guarantee  that all your needs are meet, so that you can experience a more relaxing & trouble free time during your stay in our country.


Fun and Unique Add-Ons

We offer a variety of optional activities to please all individual interests. Why not take a day trip to El Fayoum Oasis or Alexandria - or spend a relaxing and entertaining evening on a dinner cruise or maybe you would like to attend a  Sound & Light show at one of the ancient sites ??  Plus a lot more!


Language choices

We provide professional Egyptologist tour guides on all our tours, fluently speaking English or the language of your choice.


Transportation Extravaganza!

We offer colorful and dynamic tours - full of fun - and we use a variety of local and private transportation including trains, buses, cars, jeeps, camels, horses, feluccas, and cruise ships -in order to vary your journey each day & provide you with as many different experiences as possible.


The Highest Standards

We adhere to the highest standards of professional conduct , services and support - from our office workers in Cairo and the United States, to our fluent, English-speaking Egyptologist guides and leaders.


Ease of Accommodations

We use quality hotels - and if you wish to upgrade your accommodation we can easily upgrade your hotel category (e.g., 2-star to 4-star) upon request, as well as arrange additional nights if you choose to extend your stay.


What is our Aim ?

Our aim is to treat you like a VIP and assist you in every possible way, in order to make  your holiday and stay as enjoyable, affordable and trouble free as possible.


What is our mission ?

Our mission is your satisfaction & recommendation !.


Company Policy & Responsibilities

All of Our Guests are VIPs

Sina Tours is not only dedicated to serve travelers, but we have also set some goals and responsibilities, in several fields, all aimed to improve and increase the positive impact of our company on the social and physical environment within the areas of our operation. Please "Click here" to learn more about our policy and responsibilities.